Pastor’s Article: October Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Recently, I saw someone I hadn’t seen at church in a while. They were bold, and told me that the reason they don’t come to church regularly is because they are bored with “the church.” If I am honest with myself, church can be boring for me too. Most people assume that I live for everything church – worship, service, you name it. But that isn’t always the case (hey, I’m human too).

I share with you the questions I asked them, so that you might ask yourself next time you think you are bored with church.

  1. Do you know the way(s) you might best connect with God? I suspect that many of us don’t know how to personally connect with God. Is it through prayer, reading Scripture, writing, drawing, singing, sharing with a small group, being in solitude, hiking at daybreak, acts of serving others, etc., etc.? We change up the worship service every week and season to help us be able to reach all different kinds of learning styles. And if you’re not experiencing something that will help you connect to God, LET US KNOW what that might be! We’ll try to work that into our worship or programming!
  2. What are you bringing with you to church? Perhaps your boredom is due to whatever baggage you’re bringing with you into “the church.” As your pastor, I am keenly aware that every person in the room is in a different place. Some are having the best days of their lives, some are in deep mourning. Some trust the church, while others have deep wounds and/or scars from the damage the church has caused… the list could go on. I find that the times boredom kicks in, is when my heart and mind are somewhere else. Is the life that is happening outside the sanctuary something that you’re praying about inside of the church – or is it something that is preying on you and keeping you from being present?
  3. Is Sunday morning worship your sole form of sustenance? Please, please, please, quit making the Sunday service your sole form of sustenance! Believe me, I love having you in worship! But I encourage you to also: Attend a Bible Study. Help pack Blossom Gulch Snack Packs. Attend a Saturday Fellowship Meal (or help). Come have Wednesday Breakfast with a group of us at Kozy Kitchen. Volunteer in a local school. Pray along the prayer “wall.” Take a Volunteer in Mission trip to one of the United Methodist Committee On Relief Distribution sites. What we do on Sunday as “the church” is about half (at best) of what we need to be about as a Christians. At its origin, the Church was a place where people deeply engaged with one another’s stories, shared life and food, prayed, and invited new people to be a part of the journey. Our worship service on Sunday morning is not everything! To get everything, you have to diversify your investments and examine what it is you expect Sunday to be.

Remember this Sunday School song?: “I am the church, you are the church, we are the church together.” Guess what? If you’re bored with the church, and you’re a part of the church… well I don’t think I need to finish that sentence, do I?

If you need ideas, don’t hesitate to check out our new entryway bulletin board downstairs between the kitchen and fellowship hall doors! See you around “the church” as you Share, Connect, Serve, and Grow on your faith journey!

~ Pastor Laura