Barbara and I arrived in Coos Bay/North Bend with all our stuff in late June 2018. Note that it took several trips to get us here. Now that we are here, we are enjoying our stay and your work in the community very much. And the weather has been wonderful. We understand that the weather can be an issue here unless one likes the rain (or so we have heard). However, since we have arrived, it has not rained of any notice. Just wait I can hear you saying. Or as a guy who jumped off the ten-story building, each floor on the way down they heard him say “So far, so good!”

The worship services are blessed with an organ, piano and other instruments that can be and are played. It has been 27 years since I have been in a church with a pipe organ. It is grand, wonderful and a lot of other adjectives. And it has a wonderful person who can play them all!!!! The important part of Harmony United Methodist Church that we really look at and enjoy, is your part in the community.

The Harmony House, Coos Cares is a wonderful use of money to help those who are looking for a future. The clothes rack downstairs, the Saturday lunches that you host, the lunch program and others, are what makes a church a church. For you see, in my opinion, each time you reach out to someone in need, you are worshipping God. Read Matthew 25:31-46 (The sheep and the goats). Another way of saying this is one’s actions speak louder than words. Your actions are a very loud voice in the community. We feel so blessed to be a part of what you are doing here.

We look forward to joining with you in the growth of HUMC as more and more of the community understands and witnesses to our involvement in reaching out to helping “those in need”. By the way, “those in need” can be people who are looking for spiritual direction as well as physical direction. As God through Christ by example, has given us each a gift of living a lifestyle in this life and in life eternal, we can also offer that same lifestyle to others. I saw a movie once that said “If you build it, they will come” and I believe that it is so with reaching out to the community. If we reach out more and more to the community, more and more will join.

Peace and Blessings
Pastor Don