Blossom Gulch/Eastside Snack Pack Program :

For the past 11 years, Harmony UMC has provided Snack Packs for Blossom Gulch Elementary School for K-3rd grades.  We originally provided 50 bags every week but through the years have increased the quantity to 147 bags per week as the need grew.  This year, Blossom Gulch was due to be torn down due to sinking.  They have built a new school in Eastside (across the bridge in Coos Bay) for only K-3rd grades and have named it “Eastside” with the Principal and teachers all being transferred there.

Due to the Covid19 virus, the school district has been working on keeping the children safe,  They hope to begin school on September 21 in a half-day hybrid model which means they will either attend in the morning or afternoon depending on where they live in the district.

I have left messages with the Principal telling her we wish to continue providing the 147 snack packs to those children they determine need the extra food during the weekend.  She will get back to me when they determine which children need them as soon as the classes are settled.  We will be delivering the bags on Thursday morning as there will be no Friday classes.

I plan to continue doing the major packing, as before, on the 1st Tuesday of each month and adding the fruit and cheese sticks, sealing the bags and loading the totes on every Wednesday unless I hear differently from the school.

I thank all those who have been so faithful in helping to provide the snack packs through the years.  If you would be interested in helping, please contact me at 541-266-0108.  Please leave a message if I am unable to answer the phone.


Joan Glasgow

Saturday Community Fellowship Meal:

With Covid-19 and our parking lot of homeless individuals, the Saturday Community Fellowship Meal has changed. We no longer are able to allow individuals into the Fellowship Hall, currently, it is set up for a To-Go Meal. We allow only one person in at a time to pick up their meal. We still have groups that come each Saturday and prepare the meal. Well, that has changed a bit also: Gloria Dei Lutheran hosts the first Saturday; the second Saturday has no host; third Saturday is hosted by Harmony UMC; the fourth Saturday is hosted by Faith Lutheran and we currently have no host for the fifth Saturday. For the month of August – the 5th Saturday is being hosted by a few of the women from Harmony UMC. If your church or organization would like to help in this ministry, please call the church office @ 541-267-4410.

Wesley Fund/Safe Haven:

Wesley Fund (Pastor’s Discretionary Fund) is used for helping those in our community that are in need of help. We have closed our Parking Lot to homeless individuals. Pastor Don has written an article which is on Harmony’s October Newsletter.

Mat Ministry:

A group of women meet every Wednesday and work on Mats made from plastic bags to be given to any homeless person who requests one.

This ministry is on hold until further notice. Once the church building is allowed to be open – the ministry will begin again.

Clothes Closet:

The Clothes Closet was set up for those individuals who attended our Saturday Community Fellowship Meal.

Harmony House:

Families Forming Independence, Resilience, and Support through Transitions

We have become partners with ORCCA and their group South Coast Families FIRST. There is an article in the August 2020 Newsletter that gives an update on what is happening currently at Harmony House and also a snippet about South Coast Families FIRST. We are very happy to be working with ORCCA and we are looking forward to the journey of these families that are living at Harmony House.

If you would like to donate to one or more of our Ministries to the local community, please send a check made out to Harmony UMC and designate the ministry you want to support.

Mailing Address:

Harmony UMC
123 Ocean Blvd. SE
Coos Bay, OR 97420